Best Stock trading sites of 2017

Online investment in market subjected returns options like securities, debentures, shares or stock, mutual funds, SIP etc. is a source of business income and profession and has been giving a good profit making avenues to companies and individuals involved in it.

Since the industry is related to market play and lots of data and analysis is involved all the trading and investment has now been made online and companies are stepping up to upgrade themselves and make the entire process an ease for its customers through various ways like easy form filling, experts advices, risk allotment advices etc. and most important a transparency in the entire process to make you see where is your money flowing. There are many Stock trading sites of 2017.

There are many market players who are providing online trading platform to individuals and firms with their products that can be bought subject to the risk of investment and term to be chosen.

What to check before choosing the right investment site?

  • Account Opening process
  • Ease of operation of the account and technology involved
  • Customer need and relationship management.
  • Transparency in operating as your money is being traded.
  • Let’s have a look at the top upcoming investment sites of 2017 in India which you can consider to invest your money :


One of the oldest online stock brokers in India leverages on its forte of simple brokerage structure that lies between zeros or Rs.20 over .01% making it the best stock trading site.

Website link :



Another player in India is RKSV headquartered in Mumbai leverages on zero brokerage.

It offers 5 trade free and post that charges only Rs. 20.

Website link :



Headquartered in Ahmedabad established in 2009. It is one of the top investment sites in market. The company is marking its presence in the market through its presence in various categories on investment like Portfolio Management, Online Trading etc. The company is focussed on delivery powerful, easy-to-use-technology.

Website link :



Another set up from Bangalore gives its customers lowest brokerage of just 99/- Rs. also, known as first broker who integrated PayTM for their services.

Website link :



One of the oldest and reputed full-service online stock brokers. Motilal Oswal leverages on the the customized solutions that they provide catering to all assets and investment portfolio.

Wbsite Link :‎

Motilal Oswal
Motilal Oswal


Tradejini Financial Services started in Bangalore almost 4 years back with the idea of no % base trading commissions and a technology driven broking house.

Website link :


India Infoline

Headquartered in Mumbai IIFL is known for its flat brokerage rate of Rs. 9.99/executed order for trading in Futures and Options, equity, currencies etc.

Website Link :

India Infoline
India Infoline

SAS online

SAS or South Asian Stocks Ltd.  was started in 2013 in New Delhi acts as State of the art share market website. The platform provided by them is to do hassle free trading exx`xperience with zero downtime.

Website Link :

SAS Online
SAS Online



Know All About Affiliate Marketing And Its Benefits

Affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing and the trend of opting for this kind of marketing is growing fast. There are many different benefits of opting for the affiliate marketing and since internet has now become a very collaborative space and hence affiliation is good choice for promoting your business and at the same time ensuring that your business gets enough exposure. With the help of social media a number of company are making their presence known in the world of business. Here we are going to list some of the top benefits of affiliate marketing and try and give you a general idea of what affiliate marketing actually is all about.

About affiliate marketing

A marketing concept or marketing arrangement where the company pays another promotional external website for promoting the business and bringing traffic to your website for generating sales from the referrals is known as affiliate marketing. Ad sales, sponsored posts all fall under the category of affiliate marketing. It is beneficial and simple mode of business which is easy to understand for most businessmen who are new to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing | Image Resource :

Relevant content of affiliates

When you are working as an affiliate with another website, it is likely that your website content and the contents of the affiliate website would be relevant. The topics should be similar and hence this would ensure that you get more traffic through the referrals that you get from their website. This is particularly beneficial because you would get more readers and visitors who would actually have some interest in your content and they are then likely to come back again and again to your website.

Partnerships and collaboration

You can collaborate with a more powerful and influential company and that would in turn ensure that your company gets more and more exposure from different audiences. If you have an affiliate, the website fees incurred would be paid through the income you have from the affiliate program which ensure that you have an overall profit from the website. Some people do earn substantial amount by becoming an affiliate. You can also learn digital marketing by becoming an affiliate for other major companies.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing | Image Resource :

Effective and maximum use of advertisement budget

When you are marketing depending on the performance of the company, you are likely to waste less money for advertisement altogether. Ensure that the amount you are spending on advertisement is worth the cost and whether you are actually getting new customers for this investment. Affiliate marketing ensures that your advertisement marketing is cost effective and you can avoid the risk of having a bad ROI.


Exposure is the greatest benefit of any kind of affiliate marketing strategy. The exposure that you get allows you to build a brand name and image of your own. This is essential as this can leave a lasting impression in the mind of your customers and based on that they are likely to come back to your website or go away.

Career in Interior Designing After 12th Standard

Being an interior designer is a rewarding career as you will get the chance to work in top notch designing projects where your creative skills will be out to the test. However before you enter the alluring world of interior designing you need to get formal training through an interior designing course.

Interior Design Courses | Image Resource :


The course will cover all aspects of the interior designing profession, enabling you to learn its intricacies and finer details so that you can enjoy a rewarding career.

An interior designer is someone who creates an uplifting interior environment using various design principles, furniture items and color combinations. The design may have to be done for a private home else a public park.

Why opt for a Interior Design Courses

Whatever be the given space, you have to come up with a creative and innovative look that pleases the client. You can find out such information and more through an interior designing course. Here is what you learn in the course by opting for interior design courses:

  • About various types of structures and their traditional interior décor
  • Period furniture and classical buildings
  • Types of furniture and furniture material
  • Types for roofing, flooring and wall paint
  • Design elements, interior decor items
  • Various examples of interior decor including those of famous buildings

After completing the course, you can get into interior designing courses where you will have the confidence to design a place on your own. You can design the interior of a bedroom, bathroom, dining hall etc. On course completion you will get hired in any top notch interior design company. The client project may be something as small as a room to something as big as a huge hall for which you will have to present the layout and design elements.

Interior designers are very much in demand because there are construction projects all over the country which require interior designing. The modern and hi-tech buildings that you see today need someone with excellent designing skills to create a lovely interior look and give food enough spacing inside for movement as well as furniture. Builders are ready to pay a high salary to designers who will come up with innovate interior look and make optimal use of available space.

Course in interior designing is optimal for people who want to break into the lucrative world of interior designing. It is also suitable for people who are already in jobs such as furniture design, wall panting as it will add to their skills and can increase the kind of services that they offer to people.

Great Seafood Decor Ideas For Restaurants

Seafood is very popular. This is because it not only tastes great but fish is also a source of important vitamins, minerals and oils. There are several health benefits of eating fish and it is recommended for all ages since it improves functions of the heart, nervous system, circulatory system and is also great for your eyes and skin.

If you take a holiday along a coastal region, you will find the coastline dotted with restaurants offering seafood. The aroma of seafood is irresistible. There are a variety of ways in which seafood can be cooked and served. Restaurants can use seafood decor ideas given below to make sure their customers have a completely satisfying experience once they step in.

Seafood Menu
Seafood Menu | Image Resource :

Seafood menu

Make the effort to have a unique menu. Top restaurants are known to use special names for their dishes and provide a great mix of seafood to suit all tastes. If you are serving a specific cuisine, then make sure you include the traditional names of dishes and ingredients in your menu. This simple seafood decor idea, immediately connects your customers with the specialty of your cuisine. You can also suggest best combinations of dishes as part of your menu.

Serve food in a unique way

You can either choose to serve food in a truly traditional way. This works great for Malvani restaurants. This is because people come to these eateries looking for traditional taste and hence your seafood decor should also live up to these expectations. Fine dining restaurants may choose to serve food in a more elegant setting. Always remember that the way you present your food goes a long way in impressing your customers.

Arrange food festivals

Another great way to rake in the crowds is by organizing seafood festivals at your restaurant. So you could have a Konkan special week and a Kolkatta special week. This works really well with seafood lovers as different regions have their own specialties and a food festival is a great way to introduce seafood lovers to different cuisines. If you are ordering any special regional fishes for the food festival, make sure they are fresh. You want your dishes to taste the best so that customers come back to your restaurant even after the food festival week. Make sure you promote and advertise such events well.

Arrange Food Festivals
Arrange Food Festivals | Image Resource :

Seafood Decor

You can really bring the ocean atmosphere into your restaurant with the kind of decor you use. This includes everything from your furniture to your crockery to your wall decorations to your staff uniforms. Using paintings or curtains with oyster prints are a great way to create a coastal touch. How about fish shaped salt and pepper holders? All these little things can go a long way in creating a unique atmosphere in your restaurant. Clam shells and other sea shells make great decoration items.

Seafood Decor
Seafood Decor | Image Resource :

In summary, running a popular seafood restaurant needs delicious seafood and the right atmosphere. You can use the tips given above to set yourself apart from other joints serving seafood.

Why Zinc Oxide Is the Best Sunscreen Ingredient Ever?

Skin is the outer layer of the human body that we all should take proper care of, keeping it safe from harmful and anti-environmental particles like free radicals, pollution and of course from the UVA and UVB that comes from the sun. Unprotected skin gets damaged easily and if you do not apply sunscreen regularly then you may be prone to infections and allergies. It is important to choose the right sunscreen for your skin that contains zinc oxide in an appropriate amount.

You must be thinking why is zinc oxide more important among the other sunscreen ingredients? Why is zinc oxide so mandatory for sunscreen lotions? The answer is, it provides multiple benefits at a time without causing any damages in dermal or even in cellular level as it works as the natural sunscreen. The demand of zinc oxide in sunscreen is high since its outstanding results on skin. To clear your curiosity about the compound, this article offers some information and reasons of zinc oxide in sunscreen.

Zinc oxide- the best nanoparticles for sunscreen

Being a nanoparticle, zinc oxide is the safest ingredient that is used while producing sunscreens. Chemically synthesized zinc oxide is finely produced with more UV-absorbing power. Along with titanium dioxide, nano-scale and micronized zinc oxide appropriately absorbs the UV rays’ which are harmful radicals. It shows dual properties, being piezoelectric and semiconducting at a time. This inorganic compound is completely insoluble in water and when it comes in the form of nanomaterial, it becomes more powerful with such properties.

All the properties are required in a sunscreen for the ultimate care of the skin while coming out in the sun. Zinc oxide is used in a sunscreen product in an appropriate amount to give the best result. The advantageous features of the nanomaterial make it a big hit in the field of sunscreen production.

Zinc Oxide powder | Image Resource :

Reasons for using zinc oxide in a sunscreen

What is the use if a chemical product saves your skin from the sun over tan but still causes harm indirectly on the skin? Yes, it becomes concerning when a chemical product can harm your body indirectly. But when it comes to sunscreen with zinc oxide, your skin gets appropriate care along with nourishment.

Here in the below points are mentioned the benefits of zinc oxide:

  • Most of the ingredients in sunscreen absorb either UVA or UVB individually but, zinc oxide is the nanoparticle that absorbs UVA as well as UVB rays together.
  • Zinc oxide in sun protection cream, lotion or powders protects the skin for a long while. Zinc Oxide powder for sun protection products is manufactured finely and that goes inside the upper dermal cell. So, it protects the skin from inside without getting washed off.
  • Unline other chemical ingredients of sunscreen products; zinc oxide does not start working after a long interval. Rather, it shows the effect within five minutes as it works as a shield for the skin.
  • For the dry skin, zinc oxide sunscreen is best. It keeps the moisture intact.
  • Zinc oxide protects skin from pigmentary disorders called melasma, caused by inappropriate sun protection.
  • It prevents skin aging when you are out excessively in sun.

Celebrate The Union Of Souls In A Unique Style Of Theme Wedding

Wedding is the biggest day of life for all the couples; this is when the bride and the groom turn their romantic dreams into reality by becoming the prince and princess they have always dreamt of. Every couple plans their wedding ceremony with great excitement and affection to make it the most vibrant life event.

The imaginary wedding is no more away from your grip as some famous online shops provide some magnificent and magical wedding themes to make the special day the sweetest memory of life. It is your time to design the entire theme of the wedding as per your desire with creativity just by obtaining the ideas from these online shops. Here are some overwhelming and interesting details of a perfect wedding that would definitely amaze you.

Perfect wedding theme- unforgettable moments

Selection of unique and exclusive arrangements is the latest way to make the wedding theme mind blowing. All the modern wedding themes can be checked out online. Once you have done that, then pick any according to your desire from the accomplished online companies. The ultimate professional and popular agencies even give innovative ideas individually to the clients through live chat facility.

Some famous wedding themes which are pretty famous these days are listed in the points:

  • Nature-based wedding themes are high in fashion as such concepts add freshness in the entire nuptial event.
  • The fun-school wedding theme is quite interesting and it is perfect to rewind the time of your first meeting at pre-school or high school.
  • The spooky themed wedding is very adventurous and perfect for daring couples. Wedding theme ideas like this would give goose bumps and your invitees would remember the experience lifelong.

Style Of Theme Wedding | Image Resource :

A perfect wedding package with multiple details

From card to cake, flowers to fine dining, everything comes under a specific theme to give a special and unique vibe to a nuptial ceremony and of course, make everyone happy not just the couple. Maximum numbers of online companies provide personalized packages of wedding in which all your desirable charms get included. Just pick up the popular online agency through smart browsing and plan the entire arrangement according to your imagination.

Start with the invitation card selection and for the fashionable card, reputed online agency should be the destination. Among all the latest cards, Video Wedding Invitations are absolutely rocking as they have the perfect flavor of amusement, entertainment and also heart-touching welcoming words. You must select the best location and decorate it with all your fantasy wishes to stun everyone. According to the theme of wedding, design the wedding dress and also select the best cake. Arrange the dining with salivating foods and perfect sitting arrangement. Select the songs as per the theme of the wedding and flow away with the music to enjoy the day in every bit.

More unbelievable yet intense and romantic themes are provided by the acknowledged wedding planning online companies that would stun you as well as the guests and make the day memorable forever.

Benefits of Using Digital Marketing to Promote a Brand in the Market

Everywhere around people are searching for information on the internet. They are making search through popular search engines such as Google, Bing yahoo etc. They are also find details of products through social media channels such as Facebook, Digg, and Twitter etc.

The question that arises now is catching this audience and bringing them to a brand’s website or product or service purchase. In order to achieve this, companies are now indulging in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course | Image Resource :


Opt For Digital Marketing and Learn About It in a Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of techniques which include on–page and off-site optimization methods as well as social media practices through which a brand is promoted across various internet channels. It is very effective in reaching out to a vast audience quickly. You can learn all the benefits of digital marketing by undergoing a digital marketing course.

It is able to promote a site across various media channels effectively thus garnering attention from people all across the world. Those seeking to market their products or services abroad will find it to offer the easiest means of doing this.
Today everywhere you will find companies moving into digital marketing. This is because it offers advantages that cannot be found in traditional marketing. It is able to generate desired results fast and generate sales that are huge and which cannot be created through other forms of promotion. Here is a look at the top benefits of digital marketing in brand promotion:

  • It can create interest in a brand quickly and spread awareness about it in not just the local market but also global ones
  • Various techniques are used here thus ensuring means of capturing audience interest through one way or another
  • It enables you to catch customer who are searching for products or services using their mobile phones
  • The kind of returns generated through investment is high enabling you to enjoy significant profits from marketing
  • Customers have a very easy means of product purchase. Just follow the given link in the promotional content, arrive at the website for purchase and complete the buying through a few clicks.
  • There is no need to spend heavily in advertising and marketing as seen in traditional marketing but the reach is to foreign countries
  • Marketing results can be easily measured through campaign performance data and then further tuned to generate better results

The best advantage that digital marketing offers is far more exposure than by any other form of marketing. No longer do you have to rely on brand promotion through channels like television and radio to get your company message through. It can be sent through various internet mediums which enable you to reach out to a vast audience in the local and global arena.

The benefits of digital marketing push it into the forefront of all marketing activities in a company. Though traditional marketing is used, the swing towards digital marketing is more. Digital marketers can implement the best marketing techniques through which a brand is promoted across various digital marketing channels. Enroll into a digital marketing course in a top learning institute to enjoy it manifold benefits.