Why Zinc Oxide Is the Best Sunscreen Ingredient Ever?

Skin is the outer layer of the human body that we all should take proper care of, keeping it safe from harmful and anti-environmental particles like free radicals, pollution and of course from the UVA and UVB that comes from the sun. Unprotected skin gets damaged easily and if you do not apply sunscreen regularly then you may be prone to infections and allergies. It is important to choose the right sunscreen for your skin that contains zinc oxide in an appropriate amount.

You must be thinking why is zinc oxide more important among the other sunscreen ingredients? Why is zinc oxide so mandatory for sunscreen lotions? The answer is, it provides multiple benefits at a time without causing any damages in dermal or even in cellular level as it works as the natural sunscreen. The demand of zinc oxide in sunscreen is high since its outstanding results on skin. To clear your curiosity about the compound, this article offers some information and reasons of zinc oxide in sunscreen.

Zinc oxide- the best nanoparticles for sunscreen

Being a nanoparticle, zinc oxide is the safest ingredient that is used while producing sunscreens. Chemically synthesized zinc oxide is finely produced with more UV-absorbing power. Along with titanium dioxide, nano-scale and micronized zinc oxide appropriately absorbs the UV rays’ which are harmful radicals. It shows dual properties, being piezoelectric and semiconducting at a time. This inorganic compound is completely insoluble in water and when it comes in the form of nanomaterial, it becomes more powerful with such properties.

All the properties are required in a sunscreen for the ultimate care of the skin while coming out in the sun. Zinc oxide is used in a sunscreen product in an appropriate amount to give the best result. The advantageous features of the nanomaterial make it a big hit in the field of sunscreen production.

Zinc Oxide powder | Image Resource : na.ssl.com

Reasons for using zinc oxide in a sunscreen

What is the use if a chemical product saves your skin from the sun over tan but still causes harm indirectly on the skin? Yes, it becomes concerning when a chemical product can harm your body indirectly. But when it comes to sunscreen with zinc oxide, your skin gets appropriate care along with nourishment.

Here in the below points are mentioned the benefits of zinc oxide:

  • Most of the ingredients in sunscreen absorb either UVA or UVB individually but, zinc oxide is the nanoparticle that absorbs UVA as well as UVB rays together.
  • Zinc oxide in sun protection cream, lotion or powders protects the skin for a long while. Zinc Oxide powder for sun protection products is manufactured finely and that goes inside the upper dermal cell. So, it protects the skin from inside without getting washed off.
  • Unline other chemical ingredients of sunscreen products; zinc oxide does not start working after a long interval. Rather, it shows the effect within five minutes as it works as a shield for the skin.
  • For the dry skin, zinc oxide sunscreen is best. It keeps the moisture intact.
  • Zinc oxide protects skin from pigmentary disorders called melasma, caused by inappropriate sun protection.
  • It prevents skin aging when you are out excessively in sun.

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