Most Fashionable Wear For The Guests Invited To An Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are generally held as gala celebrations, not only for the wedding couple, but also for their families and all their friends and acquaintances, all who are happy for this marital union.

This joy should be reflected in the attires of the wedding guests, who are cordially invited by the new couples and their families, with the custom of sending designer Indian wedding cards, either digitally or through traditional ways of postal service or courier. So usually, the wedding guests are seen to be flaunting their best dresses, to match the grandeur of the occasion.

Fashionable Wear For Indian Wedding

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Types of dresses that the Indian wedding guests can wear

  • Saree is the most commonly preferred dress for an Indian woman, when she wants to attend a wedding. But this saree needs to be an elaborately ornamented one, preferably on shining and expensive fabrics, like silk or satin. Nowadays, the young women prefer the lighter fabrics, like crepe or georgette or chiffon sarees with beautiful embroideries and mirror-works on the borders and sometimes, all over the sarees.
  • Many young girls like to wear lehenga choli with a gorgeous dupatta over the shoulders. But these lehenga cholis needs to be of bright colored silk or velvet, with stunning Zari works all over them.
  • The lavishly embroidered salwar suits are also the favorites of the Indian women of all ages. The Anarkali suit is a greatly preferred design of salwar kameez in the weddings, due to its voluminous cutting and classy appearance with colorful patchworks and embroideries all over the dress. These dresses should be paired with similarly gorgeous sandals or stylish footwear, to step in style in the wedding functions.
  • The men mostly seen to wear Kurta Pajama, as it is the most convenient Indian men’s wear for any grand occasion like a wedding. Different designs and colors are available for these Kurta Pajamas, but generally contrast colors are used for the Kurta and Pajama in a set, for marking the beauty of each piece of attire individually.
  • The men who will be accompanying the groom may prefer to wear Sherwani with a Pajama or Dhoti, to match the grandeur of the groom’s dress. Usually, dark colored Sherwanis are mostly chosen with light colored Pajamas; along with a nice pair of casual sandals or jootis, to match with the impressive outfit.

Though it is customary for the wedding guests to wear the most expensive dresses, it is not wise to dress as gorgeously as the bride or groom, by putting on all the jewelries and costly accessories. Rather, the wedding guests should wear something that matches their personality in a social celebration, with some subtleness matching the fabulous party wear. For example, if the saree is too gorgeously adorned with embellishments, the blouse should be comparatively much simpler in look, along with sleek jewelries.

But normally black and white colors are avoided in a wedding function, as these two colors are not considered to be auspicious to wear in a wedding. Moreover, the stylish people need to keep in mind about the Indian traditions of conservative dressing and need to wear that will be comfortable for the onlookers too.

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