What is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

People who are new to the digital marketing process are often confused about the exact difference between SEO and SEM. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of the search marketing process. SEO is about website optimization in order to enhance rankings in search results while SEM goes beyond SEO. It involves other methods which can enable you to attract more search engine visitors such as PPC advertising. The difference between the two processes are mentioned below:-

What is SEO?

SEO is the process  website optimization with the main purpose of gaining free traffic from search engines. An optimized  can be understood more easily by search engine crawlers and this boosts the chances of gaining a higher SERP ranking. There are two major aspects of SEO known as off-site and on-site SEO. On-site SEO covers those areas in which you can apply on your blog or website so that it is SEO friendly. For instance, you need to use optimized titles, well-formatted URLs, informative descriptions, proper usage of H1, H2 and images.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | Image Resource : wazebs.com

Off-site SEO refers to the process of acquiring votes from other webs sites with the main aim to make your website look more trustworthy to search engines. As a starter, you might be confused but try to consider a ranking system where the website which has maximum votes for getting a higher ranking.

What is SEM?

Search engine marketing is far above SEO but is just a subset of the entire internet marketing strategy. Though paid ads, you can buy advertising space in the search engine results. Therefore, in order to rank higher and gain the desired level of free traffic, you will need to appear at the top of search rankings. Google AdWords is the most reliable agency for paid search ads.

By using Google AdWords, you can make sure that your ads appear on Google search results and pay just for clicks on the ads which you post. This is one of the major reasons why the entire process is called Pay Per Click. Bing and Yahoo have a system which works in the same manner. However, they are not as successful as AdWords.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) | Image Resource : vagabonddesigns.co.za

SEM traffic is regarded as a major source of internet traffic since it is targeted. Usually, it can be accepted that people who utilize search engines to look for a problem will find an answer to their question or how to learn to perform something.

What Are The Objectives of Digital Marketing?

Marketing objectives are goals which are utilized in order to promote your products or services on potential customers which should be achieved within a specific time frame. Therefore, marketing objectives refers to the marketing strategy set in order to achieve the general organizational objectives. Some of the objectives of digital marketing are mentioned below :-

Boost sales

Boost sales or leads is a high level of digital marketing objective for quite a few businesses since it enhances revenues and can be easily measured. Usage of key performance indicators (KPI), you can use then benchmark your progress towards achieving your objective and can help you track this on your spreadsheets.

Boost Sales
Boost Sales | Image Resource : forbes.com

Enhance conversion rate

This is another major digital marketing objective which can be tracked in Google Analytics. By setting up goal tracking in Analytics, you will need to have reports on conversions for your traffic sources, keywords, campaigns, locations, landing pages etc. Using this data you will be able to keep an eye on a conversion rate such as ‘’improvement of organic traffic conversion rate by 20% by Nov’ 2017.

Enhance Conversion Rate
Enhance Conversion Rate | Image Resource : martechadvisor.com

Percentage of return visitors

The New vs. Returning visitors is a metric which is available in Analytics and can be easily tracked. Having a clear perception of how many visitors return is a vital objective since it helps you to see the effectiveness your business is at customer & visitor loyalty. This enables you to create a specific, quantifiable objective which is relevant to your specific industry. A perfect example is that 10% of visitors need to be returned by the end of the year.

Volumes of organic traffic

Organic traffic is a natural traffic from search engine result pages. It is regarded as free traffic and is different from what is paid traffic. A large number of businesses have the objective for increasing organic visitor traffic by achieving high search engine rankings through the implementation of search engine optimization.

Volumes of Organic Traffic
Volumes of Organic Traffic | Image Resource : rankranger.com

In order to achieve this, there is a need to make changes to your website which are effective for enhancing rankings and are one of the major ones. This includes the usage of keywords in the content. Another important tactics is in order to build quality links which point to your website.  A digital marketing objective example for organic traffic might be to ‘’ receive 5,000 visitors per month from Google and Bing natural results by end of 2017.’’

Various Types of Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing is the method of marketing of products or services through digital technologies. This is mainly done through the internet, mobile phones or any other digital medium. The various digital marketing channels are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It is a process by which you can increase the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the search engine result page. SEO considers what people search for on a website, the keywords used for searching and which search engine people prefer. It involves optimizing the website and increases the relevancy of particular keywords.

Blogging and Other Content Marketing Channels
Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract audiences. This is for profitable customer action. Blog marketing publicises or advertises a website or brand through blogs written by experts, enthusiasts and novices as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing | Image source: business2community.com

A business is a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays money to the host website if any user clicks on the advertisement. This method requires you to invest in how much you want to pay per user and how you are going to place your advertisements.

Digital Advertising
In this the businesses can show their advertising with promotional messages on the internet. This includes text, images, flash video and audio. The main function of display advertising is to deliver the general advertisement and brand messages to the website visitors.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising | Image Resource : freepik.com

It is a group of search related websites and apps where your advertisement can appear. When you advertise on this network, the ads can appear near the search results when someone searches with a certain keyword.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing | Image Resource : freepik.com

In this channel, social media is used as a platform to promote products or services. Most of these sites have analytics tools which help companies to track the progress, success and engagements of their advertisements. Companies can address their existing and potential customers through social media marketing.

Email Marketing
Email marketing uses email to market your services or products to the targeted customers. Email is an effective way to keep relationship with your existing customer and gain new customers. It is also not expensive.

Digital Marketing Training
For digital marketing training you can go for a course in digital marketing. The course is founded to give ROI based digital marketing solution to the clients. The course aims to improve the ROI of companies by as much as 20%-30%.

The course imparts real-world ‘ready-to-work’ digital marketing skills to the candidates. The syllabus is career oriented and makes candidates job ready for the digital marketing industry. The course consists of extensive in-class training in theory and practicals. Execution experience is offered through live projects. The faculty will also show real-time insights from running campaigns. The role of each digital medium is clearly explained.

Each student is required to create a live and high budget digital campaign. After completing the course you will be independently able to handle campaigns or companies / brands.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Him and Her

Be it parties, events or special occasions, everyone struggles to find the best gifts that are ideal for the occasion. Not only do people want their gifts to be special but also unique. Everybody has probably faced the scenario where on an occasion you end up receiving several redundant gifts – items that you already have.

You can now make personalised gifts for events and occasions that are bound to impress your loved ones. With 3D printing technology now you can make 3D printed gift items that make for great personalized anniversary gifts. This technology can be used to make gifts in a simple and fast way. Shapes that were previously impossible can now be made using this technology.

Customized Cufflinks

3D printing

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates an object from a digital design. The 2D layers of the object are formed under computer control to create the object. A digital 3D design file is made and then it sliced into thin horizontal layers. The layers are laid one over the other to make the 3D object. The printer sees one layer at a time.

The best part is you can make complex shapes and designs which were not possible before. To personalize the products you only need to change the digital design rather than additional tooling. In this way each product can be custom made. As the object is created layer by layer there is less wastage of raw materials.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

You can make personalised anniversary gifts like message in a bottle, trophies, angel wings and customised anniversary piece. Gifts like the famous Faberge egg can be redesigned from scratch and 3D printed. You can customise the gifts available or create your own unique designs.

3D Faberge Egg

The method followed to create your own gift is easy, You have to give the idea about the gift to the designers or upload pictures on an online website. The designers convert these ideas and pictures into 2D sketches. Then a computer is used to make a 3D printed design. Once you approve the design the final product is made. You can personalise the gift as you want.

3D Double-Sided, Teardrop Fingerprint Pendants

Most providers offer the gifts online. You can customise the gift online and get it delivered to your home or the recipients.

In this depending on the occasion, you can create unique items that fit right into your budget. There is no longer a need to hunt for hours in shops and online websites for gifts that suit your needs. Creating personalized gifts is indeed the best way to win over your family and friends as you insert a little bit of yourself into the gift. Personalized gifts also work for corporate gifting as you could include your brand name or logo in the gift item by which your company will always be remembered by the recipient. Remember – expensive gifts are not necessarily the best gifts and a good gift will be remembered for a very long time. Happy gifting!

Hindu Wedding Traditions : Beautifully Explained On Hindu Wedding Cards

If you want to know in detail about the most important Hindu wedding traditions then you need to look at the wedding cards. The best thing about these wedding cards is that everything is mentioned so clearly and properly on these wedding cards for the invitees so that they don’t miss out on any given occasion.

There are a lot of traditions in a Hindu wedding compared to the wedding traditions of any other religion that are strictly followed by the bride and the bride grooms family. The best Hindu Wedding Cards will have all the information written in detail on the cards starting from the Haldi to Mehendi to the marriage and Bidai as well.

Why are all the traditions mentioned on a wedding card?

Mentioning the traditions on a Hindu wedding card has always been a normal practice as the family wants the friends and relatives to know what is happening during the wedding. The main motive here behind adding the occasions and traditions in the Hindu Wedding Cards is that people should come in to bless the couple at different times.

Hindus are people who believe a lot on the blessings that are showered upon the bride and bridegroom from the loved ones so they actually make sure that all come for the occasions and they do it by getting the details printed on the wedding cards itself.

Unique and modern Hindu Wedding Cards

Keeping in mind the traditions and modern designs the wedding cards have come up with a series of modern Hindu marriage cards where you will find all the necessary information but in a new way and look.

There are so any different kinds of wedding cards available in the markets these days starting from Digital wedding cards, customised wedding cards, scroll wedding cards, designer wedding cards and now even wedding card video is also available for the people who want to get something new and different for their weddings in terms of wedding cards. So how can you actually buy these latest wedding cards and what about the printing system as well?

Hindu Wedding Traditions

Hindu Wedding Traditions | Image Resource : exoticindianweddings.com

How to get these cards and get them printed as well?

See all the wedding cards that you buy online are sold at lower rates than the markets and all the agencies that sell wedding cards online also actually provide printing services as well. So when you order Hindu wedding invites from a particular dealer then do ask them if they have printing services as well. In case if they have then you can tell them to print the card for you as well.

Even here you will be getting the services at very reasonable rates which are way lower than that of the markets. You must have noticed that the dealers selling wedding cards in the local markets are not printers and then printers do not have wedding cards in stock with them. So in order to avoid going from one place to another you can actually do all the things in one place by ordering these cards online.

What is PGDM? and How Can It Benefit You?

PGDM is post graduate diploma in management. The course is offered by autonomous institutes not affiliated to any university. The institutes offering pgdm are approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). The pgdm course is more industry oriented and caters to industry demands.

PGDM course details

Now that we have answered the question what is PGDM ? let us take a look at the course in detail. The courses are usually two year full time. The main pgdm courses offered are

  • PGDM in International Business Management
  • PGDM in Retail Management And Marketing
  • PGDM in Human Resource Management
  • PGDM in Financial Markets

The eligibility for the course is bachelors degree from an AIU recognised university with minimum 50% marks aggregate and an appearance in mba entrance test.

The information about the courses in detail

PGDM with Various Specialization
The specialization is offered in the fields of finance, marketing, human resource management, marketing and digital media, information technology and supply chain and operations management.

The enhanced curriculum offers blend of immersive industry exposure. The students have to do an internship and this gives better experience and exposure. The course also provides intensive personal and professional development.

PGDM in International Business Management

What is PGDM | Image Resource : freepik.com

This program develops managers with global mindset that is open to diversities and is able to integrate this diversity in attitude and behaviour. The course has a global study tour. In this way students get to learn the realities of business.

The curriculum focuses on practical application and equips students with practical and analytical skills to help them manage in international firms.

PGDM in Retail Management And Marketing

PGDM in Retail Management And Marketing | Image Resource : freepik.com

The course is designed to cater to retail industries in India. It prepares students to take on challenges offered by the retail industry. The course offers intensive exposure to retail operations.

The curriculum includes topics such as service operations, consumer behaviour, sales management, marketing management, visual merchandising, category management and supply chain issues related to business.

Students can find placements in retail business and services marketing field after completing this course.

PGDM in Human Resource Management

PGDM in Human Resource Management | Image Resource : freepik.com

The course aims to develop professionals who can match up to industry expectations and challenges. The course provides in-depth exposure to the HR function.

The curriculum consists of lectures, group discussions, assignments, projects, business simulation and cases presented in a learner-focused environment.

After completing the course can find placements in HR in top companies and HR consulting firms.

PGDM in Financial Markets

This program is ideal for individuals with knowledge of financial instruments, their valuation and trade. Students go through extensive industry immersion with leading companies which helps to develop insight in the working of financial markets.

The curriculum offers a working understanding of the decision making process in an organisation and insight into the working of financial markets.

Some of the programs also offer self development, professional development and lifestyle management courses. The courses are designed to meet the challenges business professionals face.

Know The Importance Of English For Kids

Significance of learning the language English can’t be overstated in a progressively globalized and interconnected globe. For the billions of immigrants that tour the globe from non English talking regions each year, learning to talk in English is vital to enter and ultimately flourish in mainstream English talking countries. Working knowhow of the language English can make several possibilities in international regions and markets.

Well, kids who grow up learning the language English from a younger age beginning as soon as 3 years old advantages tremendously. Kid’s brains are competent to soak in an English language at a splendid ratio. Not only this, however they are significantly competent to learn to talk the language ideally and without an accent.

English for kids – Reasons to learn

  • Cognitive perks

Research manifests that language learning is more intellectual than that of linguistic. Here’re just certain of the cognitive perks to learning the language English for kids:

  • Better multiple taking capabilities
  • Increased memory
  • Better versatility of mind
  • More innovative
  • Better critical thinking knowhow
  • Better problem solving knowhow
  • The subject of object permanence grows at a young age


  • Better linguistics

Exposing the little ones to an English language at an early times (as soon as three years old) will outcome in much simpler and better fluency than that if they learn afterwards in life. Also heard of kids referred to as sponges? That declaration could not be more precise when it’s the matter of kids learning the English language. Kid’s brains are developmentally set to accept and learn the English language, and fluency comes rapidly, fairly easily and without accent.

Amidst ages 8 and 12, your kids will lose the capability hear and recreate new sounds as they made when they were young, making English language acquisitions not viable, however more hard.

  • Higher study accomplishment

Along the similar lines of the cognitive advantages listed above, learning the English language can even offer academic perks. Bilingual kids have been displayed to have been vital thinking expertise, problem solving expertise as well as higher mental pliability. All these stuff outcome in better educational performance.

Bilingual applicants have been displayed to have greater math knowhow and standardized exam scores. Also, contrary to famous belief, not only does schooling the English language not inhibit the kids English language capability, yet along it improves and enhances it.

  • Cultural enrichment

Each conscientious parent desires their kids to be knowledgeable, to have a fondness of learning and gratitude for other traditions, and to grow up to be a profitable, contributing society member.

English For Kids

English For Kids | Image Resource : geos.com.tw

Learning the English language opens ways that wouldn’t otherwise be opened. Trilingual students have navigation to things, places, people and resources that the rest of us don’t. Not only can the English language offers a competitive edge in workplace, however it builds a deeper knowing of as well as appreciation for culture and humanity that enriches ones personal and life experiences in the globe.

  • Conclusion

There are few absolute benefits of regional languages across English no doubt, however despite of that there’s the need and Importance of English for kids.

Superb Antibacterial Features Of Silver Nanoparticles You Should Know

The modern generation is quite blessed with the advancing technology which has increased the efficiency of the living. We are blessed with such a luxurious lifestyle only due to varied technology which has eased our needs and desires. To overcome the changes of nature and adjust in the changing world, nanotechnology has been proved to be the boon of modern science.

Human temperament cannot be determined and this psychology is distinct in different situations. This too happens to the skin of the being. Use of every product is not suitable to all skin types and for this reason there have emerged various products to suit distinct skins. From cosmetic products to eatables and clothing, there is use of nanotechnology which manifests the suiting desire of everyone.

With the introduction of antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles, it has been then used in all products to enhance its features. There are several disease causing germs and bacteria which spoils the natural features of the product. For this purpose, scientists carry out distinct research programs to know the useful features and properties of silver nanoparticles and how easily it can be synthesised.

General yet beneficial properties of silver nanoparticles

Buy Silver Nanoparticles Online

Buy Silver Nanoparticles Online | Image Resource : i0.wp.com

General yet beneficial properties of silver nanoparticles

Mentioned below are few basic properties which highlight the antibacterial features of silver nanoparticles. You can know and buy silver nanoparticles online with flexibility.

    • Firstly there are several methods of synthesising silver nanoparticles. The one which involves green synthesis is free from harmful bacteria and chemicals which might spoil the health factor of the people. Its greatest use is in the food preservatives.
    • To fight against range of disease, we have been offered unique medicines which help one to fight against such diseases. Thus medicinal field uses such silver nanoparticles which are free from poisonous affects and prevent one from becoming ill. Several tests are carried out to check the pathogenic features of the particles.
    • The silver nanoparticles when used with distinct antibodies and anti germs enhance its features significantly. The medicines which the people consume today to get rid of illness uses such technology which directly affects your immune system and makes you enough strong.
    • In the world of food and beverages too, readymade products are being consumed by the people. Due to growing hassle and busy schedule, it is quite difficult to prepare everything at home. In this regard, readymade food products are available in which preservatives are used to avoid it from being degraded.
    • Such preservatives possess some or the other qualities of nanotechnology thus making it edible.
    • In the textile industries, silver nanoparticles are used to suit the skin of every people. The fabric materials are made with the mixture of various chemicals making it more comfortable.

Medical equipments too use such properties which are easy to scan the symptoms of the inner body situation. Effective properties are now boosting every field making it prosperous to use. Check online sites to know the advancements in distinct fields all because of superb use of nanotechnology.

Career Opportunities after Interior Designing Course

Have a large structure is no longer important for offices and popular brands in the industry. They want interiors that make optimal use of space and which have highly utilitarian features. They want interiors that are comfortable and which showcase elegance. This feature is seen in units ranging from a small housing complex to a large corporate setup a spanning many floors. Today the most sought after skill is that of an interior designer.

What Can You Do After Completing An Interior Designing Course?

Interior Design Course | Image Resource : fcid.in

Today one of the most lucrative jobs on the internet is interior designing. It is able to fetch projects and an income that is attractive and offer the opportunity to come up with creative designs and styles that bring out designing skills and talents. If you have been searching for an appropriate course where your creativity is unleashed, look into interior designing. You will find it to be interesting and offering scope for learning with every project.

An interior design course teaches you how to apply the principles of design to wok. You should be able to come up with unique an interesting layout, schemes, color combinations and looks that please the client. Designing the interiors is not restricted to the home. It also extends to places such as offices, large residential homes, parks, libraries, hospitals etc. each environment is different and the designing inside must be doe according to the kind of work that has to be carried out. A good interior designer will make use of simple elements to create spacious and aesthetic interiors.

There are many jobs that you can apply for after completing an interior design course. These include applying for jobs that require you to do independent designing services for a school, hospital, office residential home etc. you can also apply for designing positions n top interior décor companies. You can also star your own interior designing services. Those who are into various services such as furniture manufacturing, painting etc, will find the interior designing course to provide them with exactly what they need to do this and more.

Learning about interior designing is particularly suitable for those who want to start their own services. If you are planning to setup a boutique shop offering interior designing, the interior design course will teach all that has to be known to d this and more. You can become an entrepreneur who offer designing services to people and who is interested in carrying out designing for various types of building interiors.

The most pleasing interiors bring on a good mood and set the pace for the work that is following. This quality is of utmost importance in places such as offices schools, hospitals where the way the interior is done make a huge impact on the minds of the people working inside, clients etc. With so many companies in need of the best talents in the industry to create their interiors and make it into something that is spectacular and lovely, looking into an interior designing course is sure to fetch a job with an attractive salary.