Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Him and Her

Be it parties, events or special occasions, everyone struggles to find the best gifts that are ideal for the occasion. Not only do people want their gifts to be special but also unique. Everybody has probably faced the scenario where on an occasion you end up receiving several redundant gifts – items that you already have.

You can now make personalised gifts for events and occasions that are bound to impress your loved ones. With 3D printing technology now you can make 3D printed gift items that make for great personalized anniversary gifts. This technology can be used to make gifts in a simple and fast way. Shapes that were previously impossible can now be made using this technology.

Customized Cufflinks

3D printing

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates an object from a digital design. The 2D layers of the object are formed under computer control to create the object. A digital 3D design file is made and then it sliced into thin horizontal layers. The layers are laid one over the other to make the 3D object. The printer sees one layer at a time.

The best part is you can make complex shapes and designs which were not possible before. To personalize the products you only need to change the digital design rather than additional tooling. In this way each product can be custom made. As the object is created layer by layer there is less wastage of raw materials.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

You can make personalised anniversary gifts like message in a bottle, trophies, angel wings and customised anniversary piece. Gifts like the famous Faberge egg can be redesigned from scratch and 3D printed. You can customise the gifts available or create your own unique designs.

3D Faberge Egg

The method followed to create your own gift is easy, You have to give the idea about the gift to the designers or upload pictures on an online website. The designers convert these ideas and pictures into 2D sketches. Then a computer is used to make a 3D printed design. Once you approve the design the final product is made. You can personalise the gift as you want.

3D Double-Sided, Teardrop Fingerprint Pendants

Most providers offer the gifts online. You can customise the gift online and get it delivered to your home or the recipients.

In this depending on the occasion, you can create unique items that fit right into your budget. There is no longer a need to hunt for hours in shops and online websites for gifts that suit your needs. Creating personalized gifts is indeed the best way to win over your family and friends as you insert a little bit of yourself into the gift. Personalized gifts also work for corporate gifting as you could include your brand name or logo in the gift item by which your company will always be remembered by the recipient. Remember – expensive gifts are not necessarily the best gifts and a good gift will be remembered for a very long time. Happy gifting!

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