What Are The Objectives of Digital Marketing?

Marketing objectives are goals which are utilized in order to promote your products or services on potential customers which should be achieved within a specific time frame. Therefore, marketing objectives refers to the marketing strategy set in order to achieve the general organizational objectives. Some of the objectives of digital marketing are mentioned below :-

Boost sales

Boost sales or leads is a high level of digital marketing objective for quite a few businesses since it enhances revenues and can be easily measured. Usage of key performance indicators (KPI), you can use then benchmark your progress towards achieving your objective and can help you track this on your spreadsheets.

Boost Sales
Boost Sales | Image Resource : forbes.com

Enhance conversion rate

This is another major digital marketing objective which can be tracked in Google Analytics. By setting up goal tracking in Analytics, you will need to have reports on conversions for your traffic sources, keywords, campaigns, locations, landing pages etc. Using this data you will be able to keep an eye on a conversion rate such as ‘’improvement of organic traffic conversion rate by 20% by Nov’ 2017.

Enhance Conversion Rate
Enhance Conversion Rate | Image Resource : martechadvisor.com

Percentage of return visitors

The New vs. Returning visitors is a metric which is available in Analytics and can be easily tracked. Having a clear perception of how many visitors return is a vital objective since it helps you to see the effectiveness your business is at customer & visitor loyalty. This enables you to create a specific, quantifiable objective which is relevant to your specific industry. A perfect example is that 10% of visitors need to be returned by the end of the year.

Volumes of organic traffic

Organic traffic is a natural traffic from search engine result pages. It is regarded as free traffic and is different from what is paid traffic. A large number of businesses have the objective for increasing organic visitor traffic by achieving high search engine rankings through the implementation of search engine optimization.

Volumes of Organic Traffic
Volumes of Organic Traffic | Image Resource : rankranger.com

In order to achieve this, there is a need to make changes to your website which are effective for enhancing rankings and are one of the major ones. This includes the usage of keywords in the content. Another important tactics is in order to build quality links which point to your website.  A digital marketing objective example for organic traffic might be to ‘’ receive 5,000 visitors per month from Google and Bing natural results by end of 2017.’’

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