Top 4 Functions Of Human Resource Management In 2017

Human Resource or HR is the backbone of any organization. There are numerous tasks and operations that this group carries out every day. Most of the functions are not easily identifiable, but if you take a closer look, you will realize the important functions that this department performs. It can be said that HR is related to all the activities that take place in an organization. Without a proper HR department, it is highly challenging for an organization to operate efficiently.

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Here are the top 4 functions that this management performs in an organization:

Regularly examining employment needs

If an organization has to function smoothly, all the required roles need to be filled and operate as per the requirement. The human resource management regularly assesses the existing resources and tries to make sure whether the roles are adequately filled or no. If there are certain roles that need to be filled, the HRM takes action and ensures that right talent is sourced for the company. The pg diploma in hr will highlight the various aspects of this role and help the student better understand the efficiency level that is needed to hire the right talent.

Safety in workplace

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe working atmosphere for the employees. However, there are a lot of areas that may be unsafe and a health hazard. This is where the HRM comes into the picture because of their main functions is to support the workplace safety carefully and also to report workplace injury and fatal accidents. The pg diploma in hr will help a student to understand the importance and various aspects in which this is carried out. The HRM works closely with the safety department and tries to find out the several areas that need to be targeted and maintained according to the safety regulations.

Compensation and benefits

The year 2017 has seen many different rules and regulations being implemented in the industries for compensation and benefits. These rules are updated and tweaked time to time. The HRM decides on the pay structures for the company and sets various competitive pay packages and compensation benefits to the employees. The payroll, retirement savings, health coverage, insurance, and other such things are taken care of in compensation and benefits by the HRM.

Consistent training and development

One of the most important aspects for a company to grow is the consistent training and development of the workforce. An HR with pg diploma is an asset for the organization because he/she understands the importance of this aspect like no one else. From the newly hired employees to the existing workforce, everyone needs proper training and development to be an asset to the organization.

These 4 functions of the HR department highlight the importance of this management in any organization that wants to grow. These functions are pillars for the success of any organization, and so it is crucial for the upcoming talent to get a right degree and experience to become a valuable member of the HRM team in the organization.

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