The Alchemy Of Making A “Home” Out Of A House: Interior Design Course

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The warmth of one’s own bed is an inexplicable feeling: secure and unique, one of its’ kind. Comfort combined with aesthetic appeal is a luxury not everybody can bear. Interior Designing is more than a business or a profession- it is an oeuvre that, if done precisely, appeals to the client’s sensibilities and enhances their dwelling. Therefore, here’s bringing to you top reasons to pursue an Interior Design course that will lead you into an ideal career as an Interior Designer amongst the likes of Alberto Pinto, Kelly Summers or Gauri Khan.

1. First things first: there is only one word of difference between interior designers and decorators: education. Any person who can mix colours, fabrics and textiles can become a decorator. However, an interior designer is an accredited, educated professional working in the field with apt knowledge and ability. As boring and tedious as it may seem, knowing all electric codes, plumbing, load bearing walls, etc. is what sets a professional interior designer apart from an amateur decorator.

Professional designing is a perfect blend of creativity and technicality. The economic capital of India is a home to over 22 million people, thus Interior designers are not only expected to be as innovative and unique as possible, but must also exhibit relevant skillset, which can best be learned by academically pursuing and practicing design.

2. Art and science: interior designers must indulge themselves in:
i. History of design
ii. Structural integrity of buildings
iii. Building codes
iv. Ergonomics
v. Spatial concepts
vi. Ethics and psychology
vii. Computer-aided drawing (CAD) and various more such complex concepts, which requires precise guidance and honing.

3. Target Audience (TA): Interior Designers tend to pander to a wide target audience, ranging from household settings, to corporate offices, libraries or academic institutions; therefore, they must have a knack for appropriate designs. In a university setting, creating an extra flamboyant environment may not deem academically appropriate and can be too distracting for students. Similarly, a formal look in a master bedroom for a household client would be massively underwhelming, which calls for a meticulous knack for, and sense of design, with a keen eye for detail and precision.

4. More than just designing: interior designers are required to be “people’s persons”. They must master the art of comprehending the preferences of their clients and building their vision. People can be rather choosy and finicky about décor, especially if it’s’ home décor, and, thus, designers must hold their patience and creativity intact!

All in all, being a professional interior designer especially in Mumbai calls for an education in the field of interior designing, to stand astride from the shadows of being an amateur “decorator”. The correct interior design course in Mumbai or anywhere in India in a good reputed institute will aid you to carve your own niche, according to your own style in the world of interior designing and home décor.

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