The Three Types of Roller Thrust Bearings and Their Uses

Let’s start with the most common and highly used type of the roller bearing used which is the roller thrust bearing. This is so common that when you go to an automobile repair shop you see them on the ground here and there. They are not very expensive yet they are one of the most durable and strong parts of a vehicle.

thrust roller bearing
Thrust Roller Bearing

There are a lot of things that need to have these bearings in order to work properly without any obstruction and trouble. Every year millions of these thrust roller bearing are made and sold in the markets for these purposes.

These are simple ball bearings where they use steel balls inside steel cover to that helps a machine to move fast and easily. They are meant to provide thrust to the machine which enables it to move forward. This is one such part without which a machine can actually never ever run.

Two Main Types of Bearings:

1) Thrust Roller Bearings

This is that very type of bearing that is used inside engines of a certain vehicles. The main reason why they are used is that they reduce the friction in between the parts of the machine and it also reduce the heat produced by the parts by lubricating the surface of the machine continuously as there is a lot of grease inside them that is mainly added to keep things cool and slippery so that the friction reduces and the parts do not get damaged.

A thrust roller bearing  can be of various sizes starting from a small 1 inch bearing to a 6 feet tall bearing system for a big engines like that of a ship or an aeroplane.

2) Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

cylindrical shaped rollers
cylindrical shaped rollers | Image Resource :

These are a little different from the normal bearings that you occasionally see. These have cylindrical shaped rollers that are so strong that they last as long as the machines life actually is. These help to bring the friction inside the machine to the lowest possible level that gives the machine super speed. These are the mainly used inside the engine of a space shuttle and inside propellers of the huge ships to provide maximum thrust to the machine.

The spherical roller thrust bearings are among the highly used bearing systems in the international space station as well which is due to their quality of withstanding very high temperatures.

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